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Use a Video Tour to Sell or Promote Your Property


It takes time, energy and money to buy and sell property, let's not forget the stress and emotional upheaval it may cause.

What if there was a way to streamline buying and selling, and better still, what if this dynamic tool was extremely cost effective and a win win for everyone?

For years now, when you want to buy or sell you do one of two things:

• You either know an agent or Real Estate Company and go directly to them, or

• You pick up the local newspaper or search online.

In recent years internal photographs have been placed on the internet, which is a fantastic tool, especially if you are an interstate buyer. And of course you get advertising in the local newspaper and real estate magazines, which is great but unfortunately has limited coverage/lifespan and is usually only provided once or twice while the property is on the market.

In keeping up to date with technology, video is now available as long as you and your client have a mobile phone, or computer, you can show them a video of a potential property instantly.

Why choose a Video Tour to buy, sell or promote property?

• Buy advertising space once and it's online while the property is on the market.

• It can be viewed 24/7, locally, nationally and internationally.

• Easily uploaded to You Tube and nominated websites.

• It is portable; you can upload properties to your laptop, iphone/ipad, therefore having instant access. (What an amazing tool for ALL agents)

• A representative walks you through the property by way of a guided virtual tour, identifying best features etc.

• Video will increase traffic to your website.

• Video will increase the profile of the nominated representative providing the guided virtual tour.

• Video will leverage your company ahead of your competitors.

Contact Rovick Productions Now, to discuss how we can assist you in selling your property or promoting your holiday accommodation.



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