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Have you ever wondered what happens when you bring Spirituality into Business? This book is just one example of the magic that occurs when you start to listen to the universal messages around you, when you trust your gut instincts, when you believe that anything is possible.

Trust the Universe Book Cover"Amongst the hustle and bustle of everyday business, Vicki realised work was starting to get harder and harder, doors were closing, connections drying up, missed opportunities were taking their toll on a once thriving video production company. Vicki was no longer working in her heart space and 'flow' had gone out the door.
What happened next started a catalyst for change; one by one circumstances occurred that would ultimately bring about an unbelievable outcome".


"Trust The Universe" by Vicki Williams

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What's Inside?

Inside this book you will find that amongst life's challenges adversity always triumphs. Fears and doubts can be overcome and when you learn to believe in yourself, trust your instincts, and trust the Universe things start changing and in most cases it's for the best.
Of course sometimes things don't go according to plan and we question why we are dealt with unbearable grief and hardship.

The many lessons Vicki has learned over her lifetime are bound to resonate with you, but what she does as a result is something you may not expect.
Her journey is without doubt incredible.

An Extract From The Book

"My doubts about my spirituality were growing stronger every day now. Why! What had changed to make me doubt myself, doubt the universe, doubt the messages and readings I was being given by psychics and spiritual teachers.
I got on with work, put up a mental barrier; I stopped meditating, stopped reading motivational books and stopped talking to my spiritual friends. I went into my head and continued working all day everyday. Over a few weeks I stopped smiling, I stopped laughing, I stopped being happy, and the worst thing was I didn't even know it.

The doors stopped opening, the clients I had booked in started to cancel and the work I was doing started to be a chore. The computers would crash, I lost files, emails bounced, and the phone stopped ringing.
One day I woke up and for the first time ever I didn't want to go to work which is kind of hard as I work my business from home.

I took the day off work, put the 'gone fishing' sign on the door redirected the business phone to my mobile and then turned my mobile off. I didn't want to be disturbed.
I went to the movies. I realised I needed to laugh again so I immersed myself in a romantic comedy. It was in that darkened empty picture theatre in the middle of the day that I got the answer to the question I had asked those weeks before.

Have you ever noticed that life's lessons are hard to accept especially when you don't want to face the truth, ummm so many lessons to learn. You'd think that at my age I'd have learned most of my lessons in life, but alas it appears I still have plenty to learn, maybe I'm just a slow learner.

This was my life five years ago. What happened after that day in the picture theatre started a chain of events that brings us to today and this book will reveal how something so bad could turn out to be so beautiful?"

About The Author

Vicki Williams has lived an amazing life. In her first book Trust The Universe she shares some of her life experiences as she integrates spirituality into her video production company. The life lessons she has learned as a result of moving extensively since 1990 has more than equipped her to face challenges head on.

With two failed business partnership under her belt and nearly hitting rock bottom a third time Vicki defies mainstream thinking, she knew business in the conventional way was not working for her and firmly believed there had to be another way, an easier way of doing business.

She started listening to the messages she was receiving from the Universe, although not accepting most of these messages to be true at the time, she fought the battle of doubting her spiritual being. Little did she know that the messages she was given years before would indeed come true resulting in an outcome that is undeniably too good to be true.


Vicki William’s book “Trust the Universe” is a great read.

She writes artfully about her life journey and how spirituality has featured as a significant force in her life.

Her book is both insightful and inspirational. She shares honestly about the challenges life presented her, her husband and family.

How they handled each of life’s adversities will give you hope that something better is always available, particularly if you seek help from Spirit.

You will learn how she has used spirituality in her life to achieve the life success she has.

She also shares her struggles to maintain that spiritual connection and what she did to reconnect with it.

Always a generous person, also a very generous writer, as she acknowledges the people along her way who have helped her through her life journey so far.

You will gain clean insight to the actions you can take today, Now, for your own life journey success, from reading this book.

Elizabeth Conway

“Trust The Universe” by Vicki Williams

Inspiring, empowering and thought provoking. Vicki writes an evocative, personally baring story, bringing you into her life as a watcher, almost like an out of body experience.

She draws from her experiences and learning’s, and enables you to feel the tension and relief, the anticipation life brings.

Larissa Weston

“Trust The Universe” testimonial

“You have surprised me Vicki with your philosophy. Perhaps you could say it has been a journey of self-discovery where you have bared your soul and through it you have learned heaps.

Keep believing as this is what you aspire to do, and good luck to you and Rodney in all your endeavours.”

Yvonne Greenhow

How Can You Purchase You Own Copy?

"Trust The Universe" by Vicki Williams

You can purchase on

You can purchase on,



ISBN-13: 978-1490478166
ISBN-10: 1490478167

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